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We are now pleased to be able to offer two programmes


Programme 1: Without our brain and muscle. (30 students max)

This programme is aimed at Years 7-10 and takes place at our Blackball site. it lasts 3.5 hours. The students are organised into families, investigate social conditions around 1908, and then the men are offered work in our mine.

They are taken off to work while the women prepare food and sort out living arrangements.

the men come home for lunch, and then a family budget is presented. The men are not earning enough to support the family. What can they do? The students explore options. Often they automatically opt for the poverty solution (cutting back on things). Is there a collective solution?

The day finished with a worksheet based on the 1908 Memorial and the drawing of a collective banner.


Programme 2: Exploitation?- making ethical choices.

This programme takes place at your school and is aimed at Year 7-10 students.  It lasts 2 hours, and is best with a break after 40 mins. During the programme students investigate the question of whether, if we have something of value which other people are willing to pay for, and we need money, do we necessarily sell it.

We begin with a role play based on a child labour scenario (script and costumes provided). At the end of the scenario a peasant family in economic difficulties are faced with the prospect o selling their son into virtual slavery. Do they do so?

The programme then shifts to exploring coal on the Coast with the students in groups researching the following (on line computers required):

What is coal? What is it used for? What is climate change? What is Carbon Capture and Storage, The argument for leaving coal in the ground. The role of coal mining in a regional economy like the Coast.

After the presentations, the students are faced with a precise instance of burning coal. Should alternative energy be used?


Facilitators: Paul Maunder (PhD, Canterbury), Denise Kilpatrick.

Bookings: 03 , or through Marsden Valley School (Shantytown).

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