The Memorial has been well visited this summer, with good feedback.


Further Developments: We have received funding from the West Coast Development Trust for a wheelchair ramp.

Having discovered a wheel from a Roa ropeway we have erected it as a Workers Memorial and will be placing names of those killed at work since 1990 on the wheel, a resonant act since the Pike Disaster.

Long term we intend building two replicas of the notorious single men's huts, posssibly to be available to backpackers.

We have also received a grant from Te Papa to develop our schools programme which will be up and running this year.


October 20: As co-ordinator for the local affiliates council our secretary was very involved in the October 20 fight back down here. Working closely with Garth Elliott of the EPMU, a travelling roadshow was put in place moving from Reefton to Grey Hospital to Runanga. Other unions helped co-prdinate the action down here. 


Labour Day: We held, for the first time, a Labour Day picnic to co-incide with the opening of the new exhibition on the Howdens, a Blackball mining family. This was a pleasant afternoon and gave back some meaning to the day.


Future exhibitions: This year, two exhibitions are planned, one on the collapse of the clothing industry, told from the perspective of local people (and a surprising number have beeninvolved, including the Filipino wife of a board member who worked in a sweatshop over there). Following that we will look at the Care industry. Once again, this involves a number of local people.


Award: We were pleasantly surprised to receive the major district Truspower Award for community groups. Along with this came a welsome cheque for $1500, plus a trip to Tauranga to compete for the national award. It gives us the opportunity to point out that the value of solidarity behind unionism is also the value behind all community service.


Mayday 2011 (Sat 30th April): Programme- 3.00pm Election strategy forum; 5.00pm Opening of Workers Memroial Wheel; 5.30pm Opening of exhibition (Greymouth versus Ron Brierley - the demise of the clothing industry); 6.00pm, Pot Luck Dinner at Working Mens Club with speeches from West Coast MPs and songs from West Coast Wobblies.


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