Chairs Report 2011  




The first year of the Memorial/Museum's existence has been remarkably successful, with our small complex punching much above its weight.

                       The number of visitors has been high with virtually every visitor to town visiting the complex.

                        Recognition has been excellent with our winning the regional Trustpower award, receiving favourable mention from Te Papa's regional advisor, being written up in Heritage Matters and receiving regular coverage in the local papers.

We have mounted two further exhibitions, one based on a local family, the other on the local clothing industry, erected a Workers Memorial Wheel in the making of which the Pike families have been very involved, held Labour Day and Mayday functions and been involved in the NZCTU fightback campaign.

We have received two project grants, one to construct wheelchair access, the other to develop a schools' programme.

In terms of publicity we have a brochure in two key information centres,maintain our website and distribute electronic newsletters.

I woudl like to thank the Board for their input and the Dairy Workers Union, the National Distribution Union, the Tertiary Education Union, West Coast Community Trust and Te Papa National Services for their support.


Matt Winter

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