Charter of Mahi Tupuna Museum of Working Class History Project


  • Mahi Tupuna shall be based on a cooperative model providing: a national shrine to local & national working class activism.
  • The working class has an international and national presence both historically and currently, and the duty to anticipate its future.
  • Working Class activism shall be defined as charactering a particular class struggle exhibited in union campaigns, political groups or parties actively involved in working class issues.
  • The Museum project will be a standard bearer for working class culture, education and values & will assist in countering the ideological trends within society, historically and currently which seek to deconstruct and make impotent, the above values.
  • Exhibited material and programmes shall reflect the diverse tapestry of working class life free from prejudice around gender, ethnicity, sexual preference, disability or age.
  • The Museum project shall welcome the sociological history, oral or written, of working people themselves inscribed in their experience through oral tradition and their struggles for progressive change.
  • The Museum project, while being operationally independent of other working class organizations, will actively seek input from, and form alliances with local and national unions, international union collectives, elders of the union movement, political parties with progressive agendas for working people, the local community, and other organizations whose agenda has embodied the history of, or is seen as beneficial to, working people.


These are the Museum project’s guiding principles that are to be governed with integrity and consistency & accepted by all funders as sacrosanct.


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